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20 years of Excellent Service.

IOTA Homes was established to supply the smartest devices into homes throughout Ireland and is in the process of building the Smartest Home in Ireland so you can visit and see for yourself. IOTA is the cryptocurrency used for the Machine Economy to allow machines to communicate and make payments to each other, hence the name IOTA.

This all might sound a little futuristic but the market is developing rapidly and we hope we will be able to guide you on what smart products are most suitable for your home. We supply all products that are listed on our website and every single product is currently in use in our showroom and has been test extensively. We do not supply any product that we are not 100% happy with ourselves.

Please note however that we do not install the products ourselves but where installation assistance is required, we can provide details of trusted contractors to get the job done for you.

IOTA Homes is strategically located in Athlone as a central point in Ireland to make it accessible to everyone around the country.

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